The studio

N-workshop designs, directs and executes interiors and environments from concept through to creation. Offering a full creative direction and design service, our projects range from the two-dimensional page to the three-dimensional space, and from the conceptual to the real.

Under the direction of Paris-based Italian designer, Nino Comba, the studio collaborates with clients who seek alternative ways of developing their brand or their space.

N-workshop approach disregards conventions in favor of something altogether more brave, joyous and impulsive. The members of the studio are able to draw on a wide range of talents and diverse backgrounds, including fine art, architecture, industrial design and design management.


Nino Comba

Nino is a design professional founder of n-workshop. 

He grew up in Italy, where his family moved around from one city to the other until settling up in the Dolomites region. After studying literature and human sciences, then American contemporary literature at the University of Maryland, he specialized in architecture and urban planning at IUAV in Venice, Italy. He also studied acting and directing, and photography.

Nino has been extensively travelling and working in Middle East and South-East Asia since 1985. 
He's been managing business units and developing international partnerships in major retail projects. After twenty years in industrial mechanical engineering and project management, in 2005 he founded n-workshop, a design practice.

His expertise extends from interior design to architecture, from product to experience design. He’s a consultant in design and project management for corporate projects, and for major museums and cultural institutions.