T for TUBE

This project introduces the story of our encounter with the turnstile of the Paris metro, from its discovery to the study of its form and function.

The turnstile is an invisible object although we come into contact with it every time we take the metro. Over time, it also generates behaviors beyond its initial function. 

It is also an object which, in its present form, is soon going to disappear, being replaced by new control devices. This inspired us to tell its story and to give it a new function.

T for TUBE is a collection of one hundred twenty stools based on the rotating element of the turnstile from the Paris and Hong Kong subways (manufactured by Klein Access Design in France)
These elements have been kept in their original condition, and have simply been cleaned and fixed, each bearing the marks of use.

The seat is designed in two parts: the base, handmade in poplar plywood, sanded  and treated with a natural patina is available in wood finish or microfiber. The top is stuffed with foam and horsehair and is finished in a wool fabric. A mechanical aluminium seal ensures the rotation of the seat.

Fabrics supplied by Kvadrat and Designers Guild.
Tapestry by Delphine Perou (Atelier Velvet, Paris)

T for TUBE stools can be purchased at our online store.