Pre-amplified loudspeakers

The iPlo was designed as part of the sound and light installation "J'ai la Pêche", presented at the Nuit Blanche 2009 in Paris. 

The concrete block includes two Philips speakers with battery operated pre-amplifier, and can be easily connected to any music player (thanks to Mr. Ron Arad for having shown the way).

The sound is a main component of the Paris project: the noise of the city mingles and interplays with the shaking of the water flowing in the Canal St-Martin.  Music is their interconnecting texture.


The original score  - composed and played by Gino Dal Soler and Nino Comba in 1981 – has been revisited by Stefano Pilia, who is a talented guitarist and composer.

The final work is a mini-suite in seven parts.

The above is track 1. The whole suite is available on Soundcloud.