The exhibition opened in 2005 at the Jeu de Paume in Paris; then toured to Bruxelles, Lausanne, Hamburg and Montpellier.

The Cineteca di Bologna asked us to design the multimedia set to be installed in the magnificent and unconventional space of the Sala Borsa, the North wing of City Hall XVI century building. Along with the gallery space, we were asked to design an outdoor installation on the main square of the city, to be an “invitation” to the exhibition.

Following the grid pattern of the floor, we installed sixteen steel structures. Each structure had a solar panel on its top, providing enough energy so that LEDs would illuminate a crowd of Charlot silhouettes printed on white boards, once the night had fallen. 

from actor
to producer

Sala Borsa, Bologna
June 2, 2007 to November 15, 2007